"My sore back was killing my golf game. After using the sam® Sport for about a week, my club head speed returned, my distance off the tee greatly improved, and I am hitting more greens and overall playing a great deal better. I was comfortable using the device the moment I opened the box, and I am now able to play on consecutive days without the debilitating pain I use to have."

Kellen Winslow Sr.
Pro Football Hall of Fame (San Diego Chargers)

"I have found the sam® Sport unit to be very easy to use and highly effective. Having been diagnosed with a degenerative cervical and lumbar spine condition, I have lived the past eight years in constant pain and stiffness. Despite receiving physical therapy three times per week, my condition has not seen much improvement. After receiving the sam® Sport unit, I have been able to self-administer therapy on my back and shoulders multiple times per day without having to leave my home. The sam® Sport device is small and fits easily into my pocket, allowing for mobility during treatments. After only a few days using sam® Sport, I noticed my range of motion had increased tremendously. I saw a significant decrease in chronic pain and stiffness that has plagued my upper and lower back for years."

Glenn E.
Retired Professional Football Player (TX)

"I was diagnosed by my physician of having a partial hamstring tear.  I underwent very painful PRP treatment and intensive therapy for more than four months, but could still barely walk my dog.  I began using sam® Sport and by the third day saw a huge reduction in pain.  Six days into it, I was going up and down stairs with no pain for the first time in a year.  sam® Sport has changed my life."

Sarah C., PT and Triathlete (NH)

“Six weeks before the Trail Marathon National Championships, I strained my calf. After a week of massage and rest, I tried running but had to stop after two miles when it seized up. A week later, I lasted only 10 minutes. Then I started using the sam® Sport. Within five days of using sam® Sport I was back to full blown training and the next week put in the highest mileage week of my life. Without the sam® Sport I probably would not have made it to the starting line. Instead I not only raced, but I beat last year’s time and chalked up an age group national title in the process.”

Jeff H. (MA)

"I consider myself an average, but consistent runner.  At my age, I do not feel the same as 20 years ago when I could  keep logging several miles almost daily.  Now, I need more time to recover.  But on each day after a long run, ever since I  started using sam® Sport, I can tell a distinct difference in terms of post-run aches and stiffness.  I feel as if I rested for a full week.  The next day at work, I am almost not aware that I ran eight to nine miles the day before."

Lyndon H. (MD)

“sam® Sport is a novel and effective therapy for the treatment of tendon and muscle injuries.”

Thomas M. Best, MD, PhD
Professor & Pomerene Chair, Division of Sports Medicine Ohio State University College of Medicine

"This (sam® Sport) has revolutionized treatment for patients on-the-go."

David Draper, EdD, ATC, FNATA (UT)

"sam® Sport is a game changer."

Tim Tyler, MSPT, ATC (NY)

"We are using sam® Sport to treat a range of musculoskeletal injuries."

Kevin Wilk, PT, DPT, FAPTA (AL)

Kevin Wilk Testimonial

United States Military Veteran (VA Health Center)

USA Soccer and NBA




United States Veteran (VA Health Center)